Spendin All My Money by Planet Rump | YBB-002

Spendin All My Money, Planet Rump’s second single off Well Rounded, is an insanely boombastic panty-dropper that is equal parts dirty south hip hop and warehouse rave anthem. Already an underground dance floor bomb, it is the type of track meant to be felt rather than heard. The indulgently psychedelic, bio-fueled music video, conceived and produced by director/animator Kelly Goeller, is rooted in her vision of how, in her own words, “money makes worlds kaleid.”  |  FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

Make Yo Booty Go (f/ Will Sheridan) by Planet Rump | YBB-001

A 4-on-the-floor bootytastic disco heater from Planet Rump, Make Yo Booty Go is the first single off the new full length album, Well Rounded. Long-time collaborator and supporter Will Sheridan offers his signature voice for his first ever official Planet Rump collabo. The music video features Detroit’s The New Dance Show (good looks Joshua Dunn), chopped up by Planet Rump’s own DJ Tantric.  |  FREE DOWNLOAD HERE